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Precautions while Operating Sample Cooler. To avoid the risk of scalding, it is essential that a full flow of cooling water is present before opening the sample inlet valve. Always close the sample inlet valve before turning off the cooling water. Sample pipework becomes very hot under normal working conditions and will cause burns if touched. > Get A Quote >

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NESS Sample cooler (NPK40) Schedule or retrofit a sampling point. The sampling connection can be installed either before system start-up or on a pressure gauge valve using a T-connector.. After installation to the system, the cooling water with a temperature of 5 to 30 °C is connected to the cooling water inlet valve. The used cooling water exits via the open drain pipe. > Get A Quote >


2017-2-22 · The sample cooler is constructed to admit the sample through the 1/4" sample tube at the top and discharge it through the adjacent tube. A quality 1/4" tube to tube fitting is recommended for hooking up the sample delivery system.The cooling water is admitted through a 1/2" NPT weldlet at the bottom of the sample cooler and > Get A Quote >


2019-10-25 · More accurate water test results are achieved using a Sample Cooler as the cooling equipment rather than allowing the sample to cool on its own and thus, causing steam flashing. The use of sample coolers help you to maintain compliance with Health and Safety regulations at work. Please order Valve Assembly Kit 762540 along with your sample cooler. > Get A Quote >

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Buy steam boiler sample cooler from brands like Neptune at Cannon Water Technology. Boiler Water Sample Coolers are a safe method to cool down water samples. Visit our website or call us at 916-315-2691 for any enquiry. > Get A Quote >


2015-12-30 · CYCLE/SAMPLE BOILER CONTROLLER 250 WITH DOOR CLOSED The Model 250 Series boiler blowdown controller is intended to measure and control the surface blowdown water of boilers. By measuring the conductivity, the controller is capable of holding the boiler water conductivity within 200 µS/cm. This control results in considerable fuel savings > Get A Quote >

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2016-8-2 · 1,000 psia cooler operating pressure produces 640 CC/Min of sample at 3.5 gpm coolant flow. 20 psia cooler operating pressure produces 315 CC/Min of sample at 1.75 gpm coolant flow. Installation. Proper installation requires valves on sample inlet and cooling water inlet for hot water service. > Get A Quote >

Mettler Toledo's Industrial Boiler Blowdown Contro

The Mettler Toledo Boiler Conductivity Sensor with its high temperature/pressure rating allows continuous measurement directly in the blowdown line without the expense of a sample cooler or cooling water flow for samples up to 250 psig (17 bar) at 392 °F (200 °C). > Get A Quote >

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Since a cool sample is required for analysis, a sample cooler will also save considerable time and encourage more frequent testing. A sample cooler is a small heat exchanger that uses cold mains water to cool the blowdown water sample. General Boiler Water Tests: > Get A Quote >

Sampling and testing of industrial wate

Sampling and testing of Boilers Method of sampling 1. Cool the sample using sample cooler to get a representative sample. 2. Sample Cooler: A coil of 15-20 feet made out of copper or stain steel tubing can be used as sample cooler. The coil can be immersed in a permanent cooling jacket or it may be immersed in a bucket of cold water. > Get A Quote >

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2006-11-1 · Design sample lines and other system components using inert metal, which is resistant to corrosion by steam and high-purity waters (typically 304 or 316 stainless steel). Extend the water sample nozzle into the pipe a distance 0.23 times the internal radius of the pipe, up to a maximum of 2 inches. > Get A Quote >

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