Feedwater repowering of 800 MW supercritical stea

Feedwater repowering of 800 MW supercritical steam power plant Marcin Wołowicz, Jarosław Milewski, Krzysztof Badyda Warsaw University of Technology Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw, Poland Abstract The paper presents the concept of using hot exhaust gases from the gas turbine to heat up feedwater in a super-critical power plant unit.

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SST-150 Industrial Steam Turbines - Sieme

2012-5-5 · The SST-150 is a single-casing steam turbine, providing geared drive to a 1,500 or 1,800 rpm generator. The turbine is packaged in a skid-mounted design (can also be with separate oil system). This is a very compact arrangement which provides high efficiency in power generation and mechanical drive applications. SST-150 Industrial Steam Turbines

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US3873817A - On-line monitoring of steam turbin

On-line monitoring of system, component and instrumentation performance is provided for the secondary cycle of a nuclear fueled electric power generation system. The performance figures are periodically calculated and compared with bogie figures by a programmed digital computer which prints out the results at intervals and on demand.

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packager compressor steam boiler - mfot.

Czech Power Plants Suppliers - mzv.cz. 2016-6-2·out the construction of a steam boiler with flu-idized bed combustion for a biomass power plant in Pilsen, construction of a CFB boiler in a heat power plant in Tábor, extensive repair of boilers in a power plant in Třebovice, and the complete civil part for 8 compressor halls for the Portovaya compressor station in the Russian Federation.

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transportable steam boiler plant - roelfsemamediation.

Coal fired 20T/H Steam Boiler for chemical plant, 2019-4-8 · For a client looking for an economical solution the production of steam for a chemical plant, ZBG builds an air cooled, fixed grate boiler system for applications using coal fuels. The advantages of this system are low cost and ease of opera

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Economics of Steam Generation for Thermal Enhanced Oi

2016-6-28 · • Solar steam generator (Solar) by use of concentrating solar power (CSP) The first method, Boiler, burns fuel directly to generate steam. Boilers have the most-flexible operations, but are most dependent on fuel costs. The second method uses the high-temperature flue gas from the gas turbine (GT) as "waste heat" to produce steam in a

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GE Combined-Cycle Product Line and Performan

2005-10-8 · and economical combined-cycle systems. The GE pre-engineered, combined cycle product line is designated STAG™, which is an acronym for STeam And Gas. Each STAG combined cycle system is an Engineered Equipment Package (EEP) consisting of GE gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and controls. The

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Data-driven modeling and predictive control for boile

2015-8-10 · Data-driven modeling and predictive control for boiler–turbine unit using fuzzy clustering and subspace methods Xiao Wua,n, Jiong Shena,nn, Yiguo Lia, Kwang Y. Leeb a Key Laboratory of Energy Thermal Conversion and Control of Ministry of Education, School of Energy and Environment, Southeast University, Sipailou #2, Nanjing 210096, China

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Study on Fuzzy Self-Adaptive PID Control System o

2013-12-24 · and steam turbine. Because of the change of the steam load and the feeding water pressure, there is "false water level" phenomenon appearing in the boiler. In the opera- tion, when steam load increases, evaporation is greater than the feed water. Water level rises rapidly. It caused by steam volume in the steam water mixture increasing rapidly.

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Electrical Power Generation - steam, turbine

2011-6-1 · Steam Flow Through the Station. In general principle the turbine (see STEAM TURBINE) is a highly efficient windmill. Steam issuing at high velocity from nozzles impinges upon the blades or buckets on the turbine wheels, thus causing the latter to revolve.

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Solved: Problem 1: Consider A Steam Power Plan

Question: Problem 1: Consider A Steam Power Plant That Operates On An Actual Reheat Regenerative Rankine Cycle With One Open Feed Water Heater, One Closed Feed Water Heater, And One Reheater. Steam Enters The Turbine At 15 MPa And 600 °C And Is Condensed In The Condenser At A Pressure Of 10 KPa. Some Steam Is Extracted From The Turbine At 4 MPa For The Closed

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